Does anyone purchase discount gift cards?
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    Default Does anyone purchase discount gift cards?

    I was searching swagbucks website the other day and ran across a discount gift card website. Has anyone ever used these before? If you have please let me know as I'm very interested in trying it after I did a little math and stacked up the savings and earnings......

    For example my DH only wears Levi jeans and the website had gift cards for JC Penny's that were 15.6% off - $106.94 gift card for $90.30 plus earning 2SB/$1 spent on the gift card and putting it on my cc for 1% cash bask. Then turn around and use the gift card on JC, going through swagbucks website, to get an additional 5 points/$1 spent. $90.30 for a gift card and get the following:
    $106.94 gc buying power
    180 SB - $1.80 for buying the gc
    $0.90 cash back on the cc
    415 SB - $4.51 for the actual purchase at JC Penny with the gc
    Total - $114.15

    Is this wrong thinking? Are there better websites than (the one I found on swagbucks)
    with better discounts?

    Any ideas, information, experiences, other websites would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    I haven't bought any from anywhere but I ran across a site last week and I want to say it was also Swagbucks. I believe the name was Giftcards dot com. I know it's been around a long time and the one you mentioned I've never heard of. Not to say it's not reputable just that I hadn't heard of it.
    Giftcards dot com might be wrong. Whatever it was does the same as the one you mentioned. Look around on Swagbucks a little more.
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    I've heard good things about Gift card Granny

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