What is your favorite go to quick and frugal meal?
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    Default What is your favorite go to quick and frugal meal?

    Having problems with coming up with something new and interesting to fix for a dinner when time is short. week nights can be hectic at times and tacos, nachos, and chef salads are getting boring. any ideas to help out?

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    fried egg and toast. Or a bowl of cereal. Boring, I know...I live alone. Angel hair pasta cooks pretty quick, add a jar of sauce.
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    Easy chicken pot pie [prep time 16 Min.Bake time 30 Min or until golden brown

    1-can mixed vegetable. [I also use the liquid{

    If you use frozen ones thaw them before using.
    1-can of chicken
    1-can[10 3/4 condensed cream of chicken or mushroom soup

    Heat oven to 400. Mix vegetables,chicken,and soup in ungreased casserole baking dish
    mix in bowl 1-cup bisquick orignal baking mix.1/2 cup milk 1egg stir until well blended,pour over over the chicken,veg.and soup bake 30 min or until golden brown

    This is one of my go to for quick meals.

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    I like leftover stir fry. Cut up leftover meat from previous meals. Micro some frozen veggie, just enough to thaw. Stir fry the meat, thawed veggies and left over rice or noodles with some soy sauce and seasoning. We like tofu too, for times we do not have left over meat.

    You might also try a slow cooker - yes I know it is not quick. But you can put food in it in the morning. At dinner time you just need to take it out and eat it.

    Some rice cookers have timers on them. You can put rice in it earlier in the day and have it ready by dinner time.

    You could also experiment with sauces and seasoning mixes. Of course there are lots you can buy, but you can also make your own. That can also be a way to have stealth left overs. Sunday - roast chicken. Monday - chicken with sweet and sour sauce. Tuesday - chicken curry. Same chicken but you do not feel like you are eating the same thing three days in a row.

    A nice warm weather food: Chop up leftover chicken very finely. Add mayo and curry powder. Serve over lettuce and salad veggies or use it like a sandwich filling. Curry does not have to be super spicy if you do not want it to be. Just add less spice for a milder curry flavor.

    On a day you have time, cut up raw meat really thin and put it in a marinade. Let it sit in the fridge a day or two. It will cook quickly because it is sliced thin. You can take one big chunk of meat and divide it between two or three different marinades.

    Quick chili: left over meat (ground beef or chopped up meat) + one or two cans of beans, drained + taco seasoning mix (store bought or make your own) + a little bit of water. Just heat up enough to be warm.

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    I get chicken breast and cut into strips or cut thin and mix a packet of ranch dressing with 1/2 cup mayo. I spoon the mix on the chicken and then put the chicken in bread crumbs. Bake at 350 for 15 min, depending on thickness. Add a veg or fries.

    If you have cooked chicken (or a rotisserie chicken) use it to mix with cooked macaroni and a jar of sauce. Or add it to a bag of soup mix.

    Or get a box of Rice-A-Roni (any flavor) and add the chicken.

    Or shred the chicken with BBQ sauce and put on buns.

    You can get a bag of pizza dough (or can) and flatten it out. Add cooked chicken, onions, mushrooms and cheese to the center and then bring the sides up and pinch together to make a Stromboli.Bake as directed. Serve it with a marinara.

    I mix cooked chicken pieces with cooked asparagus and cooked bow tie noodles with a can of cream-of-chicken and a can of water and heat it in a pot. The family goes crazy for it.

    Pizza bagels are just bagels split in half, spread pizza sauce on top, some cheese and broil a few minutes or bake until cheese is melted.

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