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    Default Black residue

    I have a number of cast iron pans that work well. However, I recently bought a seasoned griswold on the net which
    leaves a black residue on eggs. What can I do to eliminate the residue. Frau refuses to eat the eggs fearing it
    might be harmful.

    Any helpful commenys appreciated


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    The residue is most likely not harmful. It could be caused by seasoning that was applied too thick. Basically that would be charred cooking oil of some kind. It looks bad, but not harmful. I have a Dutch oven with that problem which I use often. I've been putting up with it for a while because I haven't had time to deal with it. We're not dead from it yet.

    Congrats on the Griswald. I would give it a good scrub to see if you can remove anything that might cause the residue. If results are not satisfactory, strip off all the old seasoning by electrolysis, or run it through the self-clean in your stove oven. I generally use electrolysis. Once you strip off all the seasoning, your iron will need to be reseasoned immediately. I use the stove oven, but it's smoky so I only do it when I can open windows. Some people use a gas grill to season iron.

    Good luck.

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