Has anyone on F V frozen white potatoes?
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    Default Has anyone on F V frozen white potatoes?

    If so what is best way to freeze them and did you like them enough to freeze them again? Thanks in advance.
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    Erma, I freeze potatoes all the time. The one thing you need to know is they have to be cooked in advance.

    You can bake potatoes, split them open and stuff with cheese and freeze those. DH and I do ~5lbs at a time.

    Hash browns are made by grating cooked and cooled potatoes and then freezing. Or you can dice the cooked potatoes if you like them that way.

    You can make your own tater tots by taking handfuls of seasoned, cooked, shredded potato and squeezing it into little balls and then frying them. Once they cool they can be frozen. https://damndelicious.net/2015/04/10...de-tater-tots/

    To freeze mashed potatoes you must have lots of cream or sour cream mixed in with them. The liquid will separate out when you take them out of the freezer and they will look like garbage. To reheat them they have to be stirred and heated slowly, but they will come together and be just fine. https://www.thekitchn.com/the-best-w...otatoes-225440

    Cream of potato soup freezes and reheats well. Any kind of cooked or roasted potatoes (like leftovers from pot roast) freeze well in leftover gravy.
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