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    Default Spin off Walgreens Saver

    I'm not familiar with the Walgreen's Saver program...tell me about it, please!

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    Walgreens has 3 ways to save:

    1. RR- Register Reward. When you buy certain items, a coupon will print from a machine next to the register. These are for $$ off your next item.

    2. IVC - Instant Valuce Coupons- these are located in the pamphlet sized books near the flyers in the store. There are several Walgreen coupons inside. The great thing is these coupons can be combined with a manufacterers coupon.

    3. Walgreens Rebate Program- can be done online. Some products will have an available rebate. Just go to the Walgreen's website to sign up. Enter your receipt info and it will calculate the rebates you enter. At the end of the month you request your total rebate. If you have it put on a Walgreen's GC they add 10 %

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