BOGO Coupons are just awesome
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    Default BOGO Coupons are just awesome

    I have just recently realized this and wanted to share. I have tried this at both Food Lion and Walgreens with success. Many of you probably already know this.

    When an item is on sale for BOGO and you have a BOGO manufacturer's coupon, you get 2 items for free. Both places I have tried this will ring up both items, one will ring up full charge and one at no charge. I then hand my Coupons and they will then deduct the full price of 1 unit from my bill.

    Also, works well if they are BOGO1/2. You end up getting a 75% discount on each.

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    Yep , I works at Publix too

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    Our Publix will also take a coupon cents off the free one. So a BOGO can have 2 cents off!
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    Our grocer never runs sales like that- but I have used b1g1 sales with great success at CVS- for instance, this week, Wisk detergent is b1g1f. I can use a $2 off coupon I have on EACH CVS charges about $6.49 per bottle- so $6.49, -2coupon, -2oupon (don't forget one bottle is free) brings me to $2.49 per 2 bottles of Wisk- only $1.25 each! Ordered my Wisk coupons online but won't have them til mid week, hoping CVS has some in stock still. If not, it's OK, they seem to run this offer frequently so I can do it next time.

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