Can Not Find Rebate Forms
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    Default Can Not Find Rebate Forms

    In the paper the other day is the first refund form I have seen in ages.
    It's a cereal form for $5.00.
    I don't find them in the stores either.
    Could you give me any other places to look?
    I can't copy them off the internet as my printer is down at the moment. ( no ink and no money to get any )
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Also the coupons lately aren't worth buying a paper.

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    I don't do much rebating or couponing anymore, but I used to. When I did, I'd trade for forms. I'd get coupons from family & the recycle bins & scour the trading sites.

    We don't have many forms here, either. Our stores just don't carry them. One day I called every single one of them in the yellow pages & half of them didn't even know what I was talking about.

    Very frustrating. But I had lots of luck trading for them.

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    They're scarce around here, too. I trade what I do find.

    Kmart sometimes has them-- one Kmart near me only seems to ever have expired forms out, but, another one usually has 4-5 good forms out every time I'm in that store.

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    What REBATES are you looking for? Any specific ones? I can print them for ya & snail mail 'em.

    I have seen a few store rebates that w/ WALGREENS, RITE-AID, STAPLES you can do the rebates online w/the info from your receipt. (These I like best)

    I don't buy the paper only sometimes but DH Mom gives me her coupons when she's done saving what she needs..DH will buy the Sunday paper every so often. Sometimes I'd get a FREE Newsday paper. I think they want me to subscribe AGAIN sending out a $100 Home Depot card along w//the notice about the FREE paper!

    Maybe around Christmas time I may ....depends what good deal I get. Canceling wasn't easy & you'd think they'd have the correct info since they have my CC# I get a notice saying no payment due now your on CC delivery & it's addressed to the previous owners of my house...who moved out 8 years ago. I told my bank I canceled & they're still charging me so the bank credited my account & it's such a pain filling out all that paperwork & finding time to do it!


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