Full Circle With My Parents
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    Default Full Circle With My Parents

    When I was a child, I struggled with math (still do...). My father, who wanted to be a math teacher before WW2 and fatherhood intervened, would sit at the table with me night after night, coaching me over and over on how to do a problem. I would get frustrated and want to quit. He would get frustrated, but patiently kept talking me through the process.

    Yesterday, I spent a long time on the phone with my dad. He was trying to send me an email, but couldn't get it to work. So he called and asked me to talk him though the process. I went over and over the process, step by step, in how to copy, how to paste, how to send. He got frustrated. I tried to remain patient. And we finally got it done.

    Suddenly it dawned on me; we were full circle. The father teaching the daughter had given way to the daughter teaching the father. It's as it should be.

    How about you? Have you come full circle in your relationship with your parents? Have you gone from being the child of your parents to being the parent of your parents?

    Or has there been a full circle moment in your relationship with your own children?
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    My recent one was installing DTV converters for my parents. They were worried they would not work or I would be unable to install them correctly. I am an electrician who does would on cutting edge automation systems so I was not concerned. I finally had to do it just so they would not have this to worry about. It is true, the child becomes the patent and the parent becomes the child.

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    AWWW!! Poor dad! My mother always gets me triggered with computer stuff!

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    I too am coming full circle with my parents. I cook for my parents often, and take my mom to her appointments. I even find myself "reasoning" with her just as she used to reason with me.

    It's harder to raise your parents than your children in my opinion.

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    Before my mom died, there were a lot of times that I was more like the parent and her the child.

    My mom had brain damage from being without oxygen one of the times that they brought her back. So there were days when she would be lucid and then there were the "fun" days. She would not remember recent events or she could not remember older events. We never knew what sort of day it was going to be until she started talking to us.

    I remember a week before she died. She told me that she had been having visions of my dad. He passed away when I was 5. She said that could see him walking to her and holding out his hand and them going for a walk. I asked her when this was. She told me right before he died.
    I know that this is wrong, as dad had been burned really bad and had rheumatoid arthritis. My dad had not walked very well, let alone, go for a long walk.
    When I tried to tell her this, she got upset.

    At times it was really hard to be patient with her. As she had her own version of how things happened. If we tried to tell her how things really were, she would get very upset.

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    We have done this with DH's parents. Things they used to do they can no longer do.

    Myself, no sadly, I cannot say that I will ever have the opportunity to come full circle with my parents.

    My father chooses the life he lives which for whatever reasons have not since we were very young and do not to this day include my brother or myself.

    My mother passed away when I was 16 and I do not have the privledge of coming full circle with her and it seems I have been thinking about her so much lately. Not that I have not thought about her on a regular basis but for some reason this Christmas has left me missing her very much and wonder about all the what ifs.

    For those who still have parents who are alive and interested in you, please don't take it for granted, it is precious and gone so quickly.

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