At the moment, I am living far away from my loved ones. (My closest relative is 1,000 miles away!)

My SO bought be a web cam so we could video chat on Skype, which I had never used before. I probably never would have tried it if he hadn't strongly urged me to do so by buying the web cam.

It's ammmmmazing! I didn't really think it would be much different/better than just making a phone call, but I was wrong. It really is fantastic and seeing the person on the other end makes a huge difference. Makes you feel like you are almost there. I'm now encouraging friends and relatives to get in on Skype so I can video chat with them. The distance seems like so much less.

Anyway, if you are in a long-distance relationships with an SO, friends, or family, I highly recommend getting a web cam and video chat if you've never tried it :-) :-)