There is a blog about starting a money meeting with your spouse. That is an excellent idea, but to go a step further, it is good to involve you children is some discussions about money. When my first husband passed away, money was really tight for quite a while. Having 4 girls it was hard to say no to them. So what I did, was include them in the money management. We didn't have much, but I always kept 500 bucks in the checking account for emergencies. So when one of the girls would ask for something, I would tell them to get the check book and see where the balance was and if there was extra money they could have it, but if we were at 500 it would have to wait until the next pay day to get budgeted in. This worked really well for us and my girls learned to manage there money when they got out on their own. Children don't need to know everything about your money, but teaching them little lessons as they are growing up really helps them as adults. They were also given allowances to manage. It wasn't much but it taught them to save for the really big things that they wanted. Hope this helps some of you...Blessings..Kathy