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    Default SIL rant long..

    As you may or may not remember, awhile back dd decided to leave him and move home with us, well she only lasted a week and he conned her into coming back...he said he would seek counseling and go to a brain injury doctor etc., etc....well of course he did none of this and things have gotten worse...dd quit her job about a month ago, mainly out of embarassment by sil...he came to her work and verbally attacked her in front of every one...he was told to leave and that if he came back again he would be arrested..
    So they have been living on his very small amount of money he brings home,he pays child support for two children he has never seen nor cares to see...dd finally got hired at another nursing facility, a really nice one that is not a total care facility, so she doesnt have to lift and bath people...of course this isn't good enough for him for whatever reason I don't know...she is making the same money and it is the same distance from home....
    Also he has been getting up early and taking her car to work, he has a suspended drivers lisence(sp?) for DUI's, one accident in which he injured another person...he can't get insurance or even get his lisence back unless he has a breathaliser installed on the car....
    His parents enable him by giving him money to pay his fines and to help them stay afloat...he is obnoxious, abusive to everyone, vulgar mouthed and to be honest I literally dispise the man....I don't know how to get through to her to leave...she doesn't love him anymore, he destryed that...anyway , thanks for letting me vent....

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    Hope she sees the light soon & leaves this control freak. Hard to watch people we love making bad choices.

    adding~ his parents need to be smacked upside the head for enabling this loser the way they are. Boo hiss

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    I know it's hard for you to sit back and watch your dd being abused. I pray she will see the light.

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    I know it is hard as a parent to watch your child go through this type of abuse. I hope she realizes soon that there is a better life for her elsewhere.

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    oh wow. what reasons does she give you for staying with him?
    are there kids involved? i see in your siggy that youre a gma but im not sure if those gbabies are hers or not.

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