Spanish Rice

Recipe Description
Rice in a vegetable and tomato sauce. Perfect for finicky eaters since it kind of tastes like spaghetti sauce on rice.
Preparation Steps:
Chop onion
Chop green pepper
Make rice
Open can of diced tomatoes
Level of Difficulty:
Time Needed:
20 minutes
Green Pepper
Can of Diced Tomatoes
Salt & Pepper
Butter or Margarine
Saute onions and green pepper in a 1/4 stick of butter until onions are transparent, but not browned.

Pour in can of diced tomatoes and heat.

Add only enough rice to this so that it is not real dry. The rice will soak up extra moisture later. If rice gets too dry, add more butter or even some kind of vegetable oil will do. You may need to do this when reheating the following day if there are any leftovers.

Salt and pepper to taste.