Chipotle Ranch Pasta Salad
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    Default Chipotle Ranch Pasta Salad

    Chipotle Ranch Pasta Salad

    Recipe Description
    My copycat version of A Suddenly Salad boxed product. Add more Chipotle sauce if you want it more spicy. May use some green bell pepper for more color. I may add some shredded cheddar cheese next time.
    Preparation Steps:Level of Difficulty:
    Time Needed:Ingredients:
    3/4c. mayo
    1T+ 2tsp dry ranch powder mix
    1/2tsp onion powder
    1/2 tsp. cumin
    2tsp. Chipotle Tabasco sauce

    8-12 oz sturdy pasta (I used gemelli)
    1 16oz can black beans , drained & rinsed
    1/2 red bell pepper,chopped (may add more)
    2 green onions, chopped
    Mix dressing ingredients, set aside.
    Cook and drain pasta.(I toss my peppers in to cook a bit the last min of cooking the pasta so they soften a bit, not a fan of crunchy peppers)
    Place pasta in bowl with peppers if you didn't have them in with pasta,onion and beans. Add enough dressing to coat and save rest to refresh pasta before serving. Chill well.

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    Wow, sounds yummy.

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