White Bean and Cucumber Salad

Recipe Description
A quick salad to put together as a side dish or as a quick lunch. The original recipe was from Woman's Day magazine and called for a lemon/olive oil dressing with fresh cilantro, but I altered the ingredients to utilize what ingredients I alway have on-hand (salsa and Italian dressing). The original recipe called for white beans but I'm sure you could also use black beans, black eyed peas, red beans or kidney beans!!!
Preparation Steps:Level of Difficulty:
Time Needed:Ingredients:
1 can white beans
2 cucumbers, cut into slices or 1/2 moons (peel if desired)
1/2 medium onion, sliced or diced
up to 1/4 cup salsa (your choice of heat)
1/4 cup bottled Italian dressing
Combine salsa and Italian dressing until blended. Combine remaining ingredients in bowl. Pour dressing over veggies/beans and stir to coat. Refrigerate a few hours to let flavors meld.