Homemade dog biscuits for sale!!
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    Default Homemade dog biscuits for sale!!

    I'm trying to make some extra $ before this baby comes! I'm not working anymore, but the landlord still seems to want his rent every month! LOL.

    I make homemade dog buscuits. These will be fresh & made to order.
    Don't have a dog? Send a gift! I will enclose a greeting stating what you wish.

    Peanut Butter
    Banana Cream Pie

    If you're interested, lmk if you have a small or large dog (will make size appropriate treats) and if they have any food allergies (will omit any food they can't eat). Also state what flavor, and how much you'd like.

    $4/Lb. buyer pays postage (priority mail $3.85 for 1lb). I will pay delivery confirmation. I accept:
    non-cc paypal or e-check via paypal.
    money order
    carefully concealed cash at your own risk
    personal check *I will wait until it clears*

    [email protected]

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    I just decided to make my own when what I have runs out.

    Have you tried ebay? I noticed they have some listed.


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