Saving Saturday, 8/14/2010
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    Default Saving Saturday, 8/14/2010

    Can't believe this thread hasn't been started yet! Today was a saving Saturday for me because I didn't even leave the house. I paid towards a credit card we used on our vacation (will be paid off @ end of the month when we're paid again) and socked a little towards savings also. Ate from the quickie grocery run that I made on Friday, and ran a load of laundry. I must confess that I mostly stayed on the futon because I really have not felt well today. So much for productivity ...

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    Mahalo for getting us started. For frugality today I sent DH to Walgreens with a list (including pictures from the paper) of some sale items that would expire tomorrow - saved me gas since he was going into town anyway!!

    Spent most of the day going through boxes so we can get rid of our last storage unit ASAP!! I am really excited about this - my goal is 30 boxes this weekend - yup, I'll be at it tonight and tomorrow too!! We are on box 7.

    Doing laundry with HM detergent and we are eating leftovers.

    Did spend 2 hours at the pool today - with 30 minutes of that dedicated to treading water - socialized some and read my book while relaxing!!

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    We've had alot of rain here the past few days with the exception of yesterday so I spent the day doing 6 load of laundry that I hung outside to dry. I also did some stockpiling yesterday while at the store (they had pasta $.59/lb which is a price I haven't seen around here for a long time). I also harvested tomatoes and cucumbers from my garden. We kept the air conditioning off and ran the house fan to keep cool. We ate all meals at home incorporating the vegetables from the garden. Overall I think it was a good day.

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