Saving Saturday, 11-13-10
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    Default Saving Saturday, 11-13-10

    I need to go to the store. Out of everything. Went to make deviled eggs this am, and I had no mayo.

    Take my walk. Trying to work up to an hour. I'm at about 40 minutes now.

    Finish making the deviled eggs.

    Watch Notre Dame get beat by Tulsa. It's another sad year.

    Do a little more closet decluttering and organizing. Might go up into the attic, too, and look for 'tossables'..... or donatables. After all, I'm never going to be a size 6 again. Or even 8.

    Right now, I'm procrastinating and drinking coffee.

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    Today will be take it as it comes, I have nasty Fall cold and i had plans to do make ahead breakfast items and go to a fall festival at Church, but i will just stay home today.

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    Well good afternoon ladies. I got up at 6:30, grabbed a quick shower and then met DH in town for a breakfast date. He came home and went to bed and I went to nearest WM and Giant Eagle to finish my grocery shopping. Not a lot going on today. I don't have to do any cookiing, yay. We are going to a party some friends of ours are having tonight. They are providing the pig, cow, sides, and drinks. It's BYOB, but we don't drink booze that often. I'm thinking about laying down for a nap. Jeez I'm getting old. I hope you all have a wonderful day.


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