Saving Saturday 11/26/2011
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    Default Saving Saturday 11/26/2011

    today I am recycling leftovers in to turkey a la king and turkey salad and making sweet potato fritters. Washed a loud of clothes and dryed in the dryer. Washing a second load to hang up. Put away about 8 loads of clothes. Going to fluff the tree and decorate some. sweep and mop house and scoop cat litter. had to juggle bill today. only paying 100 on electric and car ins. in full. UK daughter needed some money to do till the end of semester. Need catfood, milk, eggs, butter, and mayo for week. need new Christmas lights for both trees going to wait until next week to buy so no decorated trees. Grandma is out of pain meds and money and we don't have it this is going to be stressful week. warm today won't need heat. have a good day....

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    Been a busy day. Got laundry done, Christmas china out, tree decorated, and going to wrap presents and work on school work for next week. It is cold and windy here. Fireplace is filled and ready to go.

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