ISO Ideas for Scrapping School Class Photo
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    Lightbulb ISO Ideas for Scrapping School Class Photo

    My parents mailed my old school photos & memorabilia. In the package I found class pictures from K-3rd grade. These pictures are of my classmates w/my teacher. They measure 10" x 8"(8 x 10 but situated horizontally).

    I am ISO ideas for how to scrap these photos. They are the only photos I have for those early years, so it's not like I can do pictures to do a facing LO on the page opposite. I remember some of the kids names, but most I do not.

    I usually scrap 12 x 12 pages, so I was thinking I could just put the photo on the page w/the school name at the top (I may even be able to print off a current picture of the school from online--but it most likely won't look the same as it did 30 yrs ago--does that matter?) I could journal about the people I *do* remember...

    So I'm thinking:

    School name at top w/or w/o small picture next to it
    Class photo mounted
    Small journal box to the side or underneath (more space available underneath, I think) w/students names who I remember
    Some sort of school die cuts or stickers...though these may be too bright for the subdued photo.

    Any thoughts/ideas for me?

    TIA! :camera:

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    you could subdue your die cuts and or stickers by brushing them with a muted color stamping ink (rub on with a sponge) or some craft chalk. then they might fit better to the photo. If you wanted a clean "Pic only" look to the page, you could mat the photo, giving it more matting towards the top of the page. Then fold over the "extra" matting at the top. Use the folded over part as a "hinge" attach just that part to the page. Then you could flip up the pic and journal what you do remember under the pic. Flip the pic back down when you are done. Or maybe mount the pic to a page. Cut slips of paper, journal a thought or two on each slip. Create a "pocket" on the page to slip these into the pocket. As you remember more or find out more, you can add more slips to the pocket. Use the schools colors as your paper for the slips or something.

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    Before you do anything make a copy of each picture. My dad came across one of his school group pictures. Upon returning to his very very small home town for a visit found out that no one had a copy left. What a hero he was to the historical society when he donanted a copy. Granted it was a 1940's photo but it helped to fill in the blanks. Appartently in the name of progree the old high school was torn down and the kids from all the little farm schools were bunched together in one big school. Alot of the kids he didn't remember either so we posted the picture in the weekly paper (small town) and were surprised that others helped to id everyone. Many of the boys had passed in Korean and Vietnam wars.

    Laurie in Bradenton

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