Making calendars
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    Question Making calendars

    I'm thinking about doing some calendars for Christmas this year using the kids school photos. January will be first grade, February will be second grade, etc. I'd like to have the pictures on 1 page and the calendar on the other but if that's not possibe that's okay.

    What type of paper would you use?

    How do you bind them together?

    Would it be better to take it to an office supply store for them to do for me?

    Any other suggetions or help? Never done this before so sorry for all the questions!

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    Buy paper that is double size. They sell it at the office supply store. The double size doesn't fit in my printer though. so check that first.
    My sister makes these for us and she puts pictures on one side- calendar on the other and brings it to the office supply store to have them copy and bind them.
    Easier and overall- probably cheaper.

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