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    I found a great link with some shrinking products and interesting fine print rip offs. The groceries were listed under the previous posts down the page a ways.

    By the way, I haven't bought tuna for a while so can't confirm, but someone told me they went from 5 oz tuna/1 oz water to 3 oz tuna/3oz water. Can is same size and weight...if so, pretty tricky. Anyone bought tuna latey? My can's are all 5 oz tuna.

    Great idea to record price book entries with price per oz or similar unit.

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    I read an article on this very thing yesterday. It talked about how companies will decrease size and leave the price the same. It seems like I got the link from somewhere on here but I won't swear to that.

    Many companies are doing this, bounty towels, dannon and yoplait yogurt, most breakfast cereals etc. I remember the article saying something like people tolerate smaller quantites better than rising prices and I thought...isn't it one in the same, if I'm paying the "same" price for a smaller quantity then in essence I am paying more.

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