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    This topic was on the Today Show recently. They showed many products that were slightly smaller than they used to be. And then charging more. Skippy peanutbutter was really tricky though. The jars looked the same sitting on the shelf but if you tipped the jar over you saw a huge indent in the bottom of the new package.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grainlady View Post
    Now we know why those old family recipes don't come out like Mom's did - we're missing the correct amounts in the new-reduced cans.
    That's exactly what I was saying in the other thread about shrinking packages. Usually you
    think you've done something wrong to the recipe
    and come to find out you don't have enough of
    the product. That also means you now have to
    buy two of the item needed to make the recipe
    come out correctly with additional leftover that
    may go to waste. :cangry:

    Has anyone noticed that toilet tissue rolls have
    shrunk also. I was looking at my toilet tissue
    holder and saying "why is there so much space
    on the bar that holds the toilet tissue?" Since
    we had just had the bathroom done I thought
    maybe the contractor put it in wrong but after
    checking again the fixture was put in correct, it
    was just that the toilet tissues width had been
    cut down. I was ticked. :comg: Unbelievable.

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