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    This seems to be a hot topic. My parents were just talking about this over the weekend. My uncle says they're fluffing it (not rolling it as tight on the rolls) so it looks like the same amount.

    I first noticed the "squares" were smaller overall in width & length sometime back. Figured I didn't notice it sooner since I stock up & go several months between purchases. I did try another brand, but we didn't like it. Now, I'm noticing how thin it is.

    Think I should call the company & let them know after 19 years I'm shopping for a new brand. Wonder if they'll care?

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    yes angel soft has gotten looser on the roll. I use to buy Charmain basic- but my store runs a 2/10 24pk rolls about 2x a yr so I stock up. mars co and hershey's have repackaged new FUN SIZE mini candy bars use to be 8 per pk for $1 now most are 6 per fun pack LOL for the same $1- so we no longer buy.

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    Not sure if it's shrinking or the husband and daughter find they have to wrap it around there hands a zillion times. Drives me crazy.

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