101 Ways to cope with stress
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    Exclamation 101 Ways to cope with stress

    I was visiting someone yesterday and this was on the wall. I asked for a copy. Here it is.

    Watch the snrise
    Get up earlier
    Cuddle a cat
    Play with a dog
    Don't know all the answers
    Say something nice
    Teach a child to fly a kite
    Throw a paper airplane
    Take a bubble bath
    Say hello to a stranger
    Whistle a tune
    Read a poem
    Watch a ballet
    Do something new
    Quit trying to fix others
    Buy a flower
    Smell a flower
    Break down large tasks
    Look at problems as challenges
    Make mud pies
    Play football with a roll of toilet paper
    Find support
    Find a "vent-partner"
    Be optimistic
    Put safety first
    Do things in moderation
    Meet your needs
    Know your limites
    Squeeze jello between your toes
    Learn a new song
    Play with a child
    Go on a picnic
    Putter in the garden
    Talk to your plants
    Keep it simple
    Phone a far-away friend
    Walk barefoot and wiggle your toes
    Walk in the rain
    Schedule play time
    Say "no" more often
    Believe in yourself
    Stop talking negatively
    Visualize yourself succeeding
    Develop a sense of humor
    Prepare ahead
    Have goals
    Ask a friend for a hug
    Breathe slowly
    Enjoy art
    Praise others
    Write it down
    Indulge in a daydream
    Set appointments
    Duplicate your face on a photcopier
    Make duplicate keys
    Set priorities
    Simplify meals
    Turn on your favorite tunes
    Copy important papers
    Prepare for rain
    Tickle a baby
    Look for a silver lining
    Avoid chemical aids
    Strive for excellence, not perfection
    Remember, stress is an attitude
    Stretch your limits
    Play with your food
    Hum a jingle
    Feed the birds
    Use time wisely
    Avoid negative people
    Practice grace
    Go for a walk
    Listen to the wind
    Have a "plan B"
    Learn a joke
    Know your feelings
    Get to work earlier
    Get help with jobs you dislike
    Pay yourself a compliment
    Leave work early
    Watch a funny movie
    Scream at a ball game
    Eat a meal by candlelight
    Get a back rub
    Give a back rub
    Keep a journal
    Avoid tight clothes
    Share a monster smile
    Remember your options
    Build a support network
    Read a good book
    Listen to a symphony
    Talk less and listen more
    Look at the stars
    Get enough sleep
    Watch the sunset

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    Now these are the things we all need to focus on and/or do each day.

    the SIMPLE things.

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    Making Muds Pies Wow that sure brings back memories from my childhood. Growing up we had a big apple tree in our yard with a lilltle stream that run by I remember spending hours and hours making mud pies of coarse we made apple pies, cocount, chocolate the sky was the limit... Thanks for the memory and the list.

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    Thanks CJ. I already do alot of the things listed here. I am printing it out on some pretty paper and framing this one. I have to find a special place to put it for everyone in the house to see as a gentle reminder. Sometimes life just gets too darn hectic around here

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    Lynn I know what you mean.

    Dh read this and decided that although he was really good at some of the things, he needed to work on a few other things. Were doing this together.

    Our life is out of control right now due to circumstances beyond our control so were looking at doing fun things to relieve the stress.

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