52 Ways to Show People You Care
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    Default 52 Ways to Show People You Care

    (~) 52 Ways to Show People You Care

    1. Notice them.

    2. Smile at them.

    3. Encourage them to think big.

    4. Look them in the eye when you talk to them.

    5. Ask them about themselves.

    6. Let them tell you how they feel.

    7. Listen to their stories.

    8. Call them on the phone just to say hi.

    9. Answer their questions.

    10. Ask them their opinions.

    11. Give them your undivided attention.

    12. Believe what they say.

    13. Tell them what you like about them.

    14. Delight in their discoveries.

    15. Listen to their favorite music with them.

    16. Tolerate their interruptions.

    17. Suggest better behaviors when they act up or act out.

    18. Show up at their games, concerts, and special events.

    19. Tell them how much you like being with them.

    20. Tell them about yourself.

    21. Help them take a stand, then stand with them.

    22. Ask them to help you with something.

    23. Keep the promises you make to them.

    24. Tell them how proud you are of them.

    25. Send them a letter, postcard, or e-mail.

    26. Introduce them to your friends and family.

    27. Make time to be with them.

    28. Be excited when you see them.

    29. Notice when they grow.

    30. Remember their birthdays.

    31. Believe in them.

    32. Meet their friends and family.

    33. Include them in conversations.

    34. Laugh at their jokes.

    35. Do things together.

    36. Respect them.

    36. Respect them.

    37. Find a common interest.

    38. Do what they like to do.

    39. Applaud their success.

    40. Contribute to their collections.

    41. Read aloud together.

    42. Accept them as they are.

    43. Share a meal together.

    44. Go places together.

    45. Build something together.

    46. Make decisions together.

    47. Help them learn something new.

    48. Be honest with them.

    49. Encourage them to help others.

    50. Let them make mistakes.

    51. Admit when you make a mistake.

    52. Be nice to them.

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    Wonderful ideas Denise!


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    Great list. I think I especially needed this one today! I'm going to print it off and even make some copies.

    Thank you!

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