Do you spend quiet time alone dreaming?
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    Question Do you spend quiet time alone dreaming?

    Do you ever get to spend quiet time alone just dreaming about what you would like to be or do?

    When was the last time you were able to do this? Tell us about it.

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    I take a minimum of 15 minutes a day and ask my dk's to do the same, it is "Quiet Time" . Time to dream, time to reflect on the days events, time to rationalize the days problems and put them to rest or solve them. We all go to our rooms and close our eyes and breath through our nose very deep at least 10 times. Relax and just think (or not think if that's what's needed) think of cool or warm or waterfalls, ect.... The dk's thought it was silly at first, but now they love it..... They do homework or discuss problems from school in a much clearer way after winding down.......
    While we are on the subject of dreams..... My kids like most have occasional nightmares, I have taught them that while the dream is still fresh in their minds to quickly think of a solution, it can be as creative as dreams themselves. If a Bad Guy is chasing, arm themselves with the words or tools to stop the Bad Guy, they can make him disappear with their magic or a stick they can take to their dream,, ect.... I believe that Dreams are the minds vehicle to take us away when we need it, they are also the minds opportunity to solve struggles....

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