Simple Sunday, February 27th,2010
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    Default Simple Sunday, February 27th,2010

    Enjoying a quiet morning with coffee.

    Bummed cause my carpet shampooer is not working, and lil' Miss thinks this place is a toilet. (MIL's dog that we're babysitting.) I love her, though, so she's forgiven.

    Other than cooking, today is a knitting day, and relaxing day. I hope.

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    I have a birthday party to attend today so this morning i changed and made the bed
    cleaned the bathroom
    unloaded the dishwasher
    did dishes
    wrapped presents

    Off to cvs for the deals of the week with coupons

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    Busy, busy, weekend here for me! We moved all last weekend and now I have to unpack and put everything away. Plus clean as I go along, since most of my cleaning supplies were at the old place until we were done there, my floors need a good sweep and mop. I am also hoping to be able to pick up my new car today...but with the weather and stuff here, not sure if it will be ready...the dealer should be calling to let me know!

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    Happy Sunday!
    Still laying in bed, and it's almost 10. Eeeck! DH is watching movies on the free preview weekend for Starz, and I'm playing on the puter and drinking coffee. What a great way to spend a morning together before he has to leave back to his apartment for the week!

    I will do some last bits of laundry today, but my house is relatively clean! YAY! I also plan on doing some meal planning for the week, and I'd like to make some chocolate chip cookies and possibly a batch of caramels with my whipping cream before it goes bad. We'll see, my figure sure doesn't need a full pan of caramels to snack on!

    Hope everyone is enjoying their day!

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    Good Morning everyone!!

    Poped out of bed about an hour ago and made it right away so I wouldn't forget Had papaya with cottage cheese for breakfast - one of my favorite foods!!

    Today I HAVE to go into school and go through and put away all the stuff that we dragged out from behind my desk. Talk about forcing factors!! Going to stop by ACE - they are having a 20% off everything today and I need a few things, same with Office Max.

    The mother of one of my students invited me to dinner today, but then her daughter was absent for the rest of the week - think I'll wait to see if she calls to confirm. Very sweet of her.

    Think I'll throw a load of laundry in before I leave for school to start the week fresh and clean!!

    Have a great Sunday everyone!!

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