Simple Sunday, August 14th
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    Default Simple Sunday, August 14th

    I guess I'll start the thread this time...

    Dh and I are staying in driving is a great thing with gas prices so spendy.

    Will make a big meal later today - enough that Dh can take leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

    Still working on my computer project, along with 4 laundry loads and some dishes today. Other than that, just chilling out, reading...

    Hope everyone has a relaxing and frugal day!

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    I started work at 6:30 a.m. then till 11:00 a.m. then the person that is supposed to help me called 10 minutes before she is supposed to show up and says she can't. I AM VERY BUSY WORKING THE DRIVE THRU AND THE OTHER REGISTER. Thank GOD FOR JEFF WHO CAME IN WITHIN THE HOUR. THANK YOU JEFF.

    Because of Jeff I was able to leave early. But I mad sure that I fully stocked the beer, pop, water, etc. emptied the trash, stocked the cigerattes take out the garbage, etc. I wish that everyone other than my DS, Shelly, and Jeff, would volunteer to do something.

    Here is the deal on Sat. i work by myself and no help for 4 hours, then when someone comes in I do the cooler, he pepsi cooler, bag ice, do cappicino, etc. will all they do is wait on customers and stock cigs, one is a man. I have a bad back, bad knees, and bad right foot. I still do these things, I give them all the opportunities, like mentioning this is what needs done and nothing is done unless I do it.

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    We only went out to get some groceries and to hit the bread store. We stayed home the rest of the day and I've just been playing online and working on a paper due for class tomorrow.

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