Simple Sunday - Feb 17/13
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    Default Simple Sunday - Feb 17/13

    Quiet day here...DH is sleeping in (for once!) and I have dinner going in the crockpot (pulled pork). My first time making this. Will be served on buns w/hm coleslaw. Might make some rice krispie treats for dessert.

    Just catching up on some TV shows that DH has no interest in watching. Got a load of laundry going and need to shovel the snow later...from the sounds of the neighbours, its the heavy, wet and crunchy type

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    Going to church today.

    Ds and wife and maybe nephew will be coming for dinner. I decided that I've been too worn out fixing Sunday dinner for the past few weeks, that it's going to be soup and grilled cheese. Last week it seemed that every dish in the house was dirty. Did 2 loads of dishes and handwashed a bunch too. Tired of it. Why can't I have some rest on Sunday? So I'm keeping it simple today.

    Will just relax the rest of the night visiting with ds and his wife.

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    Home keeping it lazy today. Our 2 yr old daughter has a cold, so I don't want her around a lot of people. So, I got up early and made breakfast for hubby in bed, but he woke up when I was bringing it up, so he ate at the table. Got the three kiddos fed who were up. Working on laundry today and then I need to figure out the main dish for dinner. We have lots of sides leftover.

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    Went to church then came home & ate lunch. Took the dog for a walk while dh napped. Watched a movie about John Keats w/dh it was good.
    Then I made dinner turkey tacks w/lettuce & cheese. Dessert is pound cake w/fresh strawberries & redi-whip. Cleaned the counters;stove & sink.

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    went to the free home show got a free massage.
    Then tonight dishes,dishes and some laundry.
    Ds shaved his head to save cash. Too short he'll get better.

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