Another day staying home most of the day. Thought I would be getting out today, but dh took my car again. The windshield still has snow/ice on it and he didn't have time to deal with it before work. So I'm in until he gets home. Then dgds are coming for a while. Hopefully he gets home early enough that I have time to run a few errands. I have a package to drop at UPS and pick up meds and get dog treats, etc. I haven't been able to do anything all week. I suppose I could go clean the van off and drive it. We'll see.

It's dil's birthday so we'll watch the girls while they go out to dinner. That's our gift this year.

Doing some laundry. The dog decided to pee on the bed last night right before bed. Washed the blanket last night, just put it in the dryer and started a load of sheets. I don't know what's wrong with that dog. He's still a puppy and is doing way better, but I'm finding he sneaks off when no one is looking and pees in the basement. I found more pee when I went to do laundry. Ughhh. The snow and cold isn't helping either. Someone peed on the deck a couple of times, so I know they don't like this weather.

Not sure what we'll have for dinner. It will depend on if I can get out today. Maybe tuna and vegetables/dip.