Child support - I pay it
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    Default Child support - I pay it

    I have paid child support since the day I left him. My son is an adult but goes to university. I pay on time every month.

    The last separation agreement was sent out and now he wants me to go through maintenance enforcement to pay the support. My lawyer says I shoudn't agree as I have been voluntarily paying and the fact my son wants to move in with me once I am moved and settled, that my ex will need to sign off of it or we go to court. I could end up having my son live with me and I pay the ex child support while we wait for a court date and rack up lawyer's fees.

    I have no problem paying child support and do but I have given up so much and waived so much and after reading the new separation agreement I can see myself paying child support to my husband when my son is collecting old age pension and married. lol

    Don't get me wrong. I financially and emotionally and whatever it takes do to help both my sons. My husband is barely on speaking terms with both of them.

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    First off take the advice of your lawyer, 2ndly... dont flame me but why are you paying child support for a child that is over the age of 18? I dont know what the age limit is in your state that's why I ask.

    Also, if that son will be moving in with you, shouldnt you start filing for child support for him when he moves with you?

    Dont sign anything else, you can once the son moves in with you file for a modification in child support, they will want to see proof such as a bill coming in the sons name to your address and if the husband is a PITA he might fight it.

    I am assuming you make more than the husband so he might fight for alimony if that's the case, be prepared for him to put up a fight to keep that extra money from you coming in.

    Good luck and let us know how things turn out

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