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    Default Child support?

    I got a letter from disability telling me that if I didn't take my ex to family court for child support (he has only been giving me 50 a month) they were going to stop my benefits. So I went to disability and spoke with them they said if I can get him to sign a letter stating that he was going to pay what the province says that he should which is 270.That I won't have to go to court. So I spoke with him he said he would sign the letter and pay that. So he did then when I was telling him that he is still going to need to help with clothing and stuff because disability takes dollar for dollar of my cheque what he gives me in child support. Now I am wondering if I made the right choice? He has never been financially responsible and now say I will pay if I have the money. GRRRRRRRRRR how can you say that I said to him because I told him that you know as soon as that letter is in that they are going to take 270 off my cheque thinking you are giving me that money. He also said that he is not going to help out with clothing, shoes, glasses etc. Now I am wondering if maybe I should take it to family court, if he doesn't pay that 270 is a huge amount of money for me. He doesn't pay rent, or groceries, cable, etc. So I can't figure out why he doesn't have any money. This was always a problem so I guess some things never change. We had talked about maybe reconciling in the future but how can I when he still can't follow a budget and still seems to never have any money?

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    File with the court, then register it with the Family Responsibility Office and let them collect it. You can not afford to have him only paying you when he feels like it.

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    I agree with the above post. You have to 100% watch out for your own best interests.

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    Take him to court........ Get it legalized that he pays such and such in support, plus he pay at least 50% of all other costs for the kids needs/wants... My daughter has it that he pays support, and 50% of the other things ~ clothes, med bills, any school activities (sports), after school care, etc....

    After that, keep all records of things you paid fully for that he was suppose to pay half and didn't...

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    Family responsibility will go after him to make sure you get the $ you are owed if he does not pay. They will take his income tax refund and GST cheques and give you the money.

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