If you're a single parent and feeling beaten down...
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    Default If you're a single parent and feeling beaten down...

    Believe me, I've been there.

    I've been a single mom for close to two years now. It was never what I imagined for myself. My ex and I were together for nearly seven years before we had our little one and less than a year after her birth he chose to opt out and married someone else. I was devastated for a long time and had never quite imagined my life without him, let alone what it would be like to be a single parent to a baby who is now a very healthy, beautiful toddler.

    I had to rethink my short and long term financial strategies. Before there were two of us, two incomes and we had the same outlook on money and spending which made things easy on us. We both wanted the same things. I still want the same things I just have had to find a different route to get there. It may take me a bit more time but the extra work doesn't scare me. My frugal ways have been such a blessing because I already knew how to do without and use up the things in my pantry and closets.

    I love finding free or close to free and fun things for the baby and I to do. She's two and half now so not really a baby anymore.

    Last night at the arena downtown, a tv station sponsored a Movie Night with free drinks and popcorn and they played Despicable Me on the jumbotron. Free parking and face painting if you got there early. I invited another single mom and her daughter with us and we had a blast. The girls are still young but they loved the hustle and bustle of it all and being somewhere new.

    If you're a single parent and feeling a little on your own, the way I most certainly do some days, just remember that sometimes you are your own biggest hurdle. Shake off those bad feelings and get outside. Enjoy the day with your little one. Find someone else to buddy up with and make an outing of any little errand. Those smiles and giggles and laughs are worth the effort. I know it's hard, but you can do it. Your mood determines theirs!

    I see so much frustration on parents' faces sometimes and it saddens me because kids see that frustration too. It's hard when you're dealing with your own feelings and emotions about a breakup/divorce/financial worries but don't let those things get you down and out when you're around your kids. Time is precious and they need you. Plus you are strong, you are determined! FV is here for you!

    If you ever want to talk, I'm here for you!

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    I was bought up by a single parent. This is an amazing and moving post - very generous of you to share such thoughts and offer.

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    Marie.... I'm a single parent also and have been all my DD's life ..... She's now 14 1/4 (haha) and yes it does get to you your right but for me.... I look at it like this god gave me this beautiful monster - it's ok to struggle with issue just never let them see you sweat haha... but seriously I am here also... not great at frugality yet.... but still a pretty good mom

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    Even though I am not a parent, your post was so positive it inspired me. God bless you and your little one!
    The Lord will provide

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    I am sorry you had to go through that but I love all the positivity despite of the struggles you have been through. I am almost in a similar situation as you minus the baby part. My bf of 7 years just dumped me a week ago and I am still having a hard time taking it. All the luck and best to us!

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