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    OMG my ex was the same way. Loves the video games and can't take care of himself. I knew shortly after having dd1 that my marriage was going downhill. He just did many selfish things and always blamed me for everything. I was so blind that my therapist had to point out to me that he was mentally abusive. He thinks that therapy is crap and he would never be caught dead in therapy. He is such a LOSER.
    Anyway I agree with the others that maybe start with therapy.

    I felt like I was stuck because I had very low self esteem and thought I couldn't take care of myself. I then got pregnant with dd2 and that's when I knew it was at it's end. As I lay at the hospital after having a c-section he was home playing video games so he couldn't come to the hospital to visit with us. He was pissed that he had to take care of his daughter. He is just a selfish person and I totally was seeing him in a different light and I didn't like the person he was. I found out a few days before Thanksgiving from a mutual friend that he was going to leave. He didn't even tell me himself until I confronted him. Even to this day he is so selfabsorbed and he has the poor me attitude that makes me want to throwup everytime I see him.

    I wish you luck. And big

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    With me my ex put all his animals before me and the 3 boys......... I was cleaning aptsments to pay the rent. He was giving me 20.00 a week to feed 4 people....... With this husband (21 years) I'm seperated from him. OPne of the last straws was when I came home from the hospital from almost dying and complaining that I didn't wash his clothes for him........ plus I was faking be sick....... I wish..... Try consuling (sp)......... It might help..........

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