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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirt View Post
    If you do not need all of the money, don't take it all. Consider the fact that it is not DH but his dad who is giving it to you, and he will probably be out the cash permanently.

    If I were you, I'd be grateful for the help and only take what is needed to get your feet off the ground. This is not free money, it is somebody else's money. He is being generous to help you, and can't help it that his son is a jerk.

    Just my 2 cents...
    I agree with you. I think if you take the money from the grandfather, then you are letting your ex off from his responsibility. He told you he would pay his dad back, but I am sure he has made promises to you that have been broken as well.

    I would politely tell the grandfather thank you for the offer, but this is your son's responsibility.

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    The girls' grandfather sounds like a lovely, decent man. You are very blessed that he is willing to help.

    Keep us posted on what happens in court.

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