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    Gabe, thanks! Just using quotes in the url is no biggie. The old images posted this way don't work...but since no one else has noticed I'm probably the only one posting that way anyway

    Sara, if you are still interested the flickr TOS are here. Linking back is in the 4th bullet. It's actually useful for viewers too, as the link they provide in their code takes you to the photo page where you can comment or view it in larger sizes.

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    That is how the bb code works here.

    If you want to enable "something" as a link. The first bb url code needs to be [url="http://link" ] [some tag or stuff ] bla bla or image[/some tag or stuff ] [/url ]

    You can also just post the link under your picture to flickr.
    (If I go by their TOS)
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