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    Default Help Gabe!

    I have been having some weird problems the last week Gabe and I have tried everything I can think of so I need your help.

    I will try to explain it the best I can. When I go to my subscribed threads, they do not update. You know how they change from dark blue to light blue when you read them...mine aren't changing anymore. Also I have to keep hitting the refresh button to update the new posts on the threads. It is very frustrating and has never happened before. Is it a setting in my computer? I have reset all my browser to default settings and it hasn't helped.

    Sometimes when I try to post, a warning will say that my token has expired and I have to refresh the then I have to re-type my post all over again.

    I hope I have explained it well enough. Thanks!

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    Try flushing your cache. Reboot the computer. Do a DNS flush.
    It's possible your ISP has a bad cache of the page. Might take a few days for the problem to fix itself. let me know if you are still experiencing this in a few days.

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