How to Post a thread 101
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    Default How to Post a thread 101

    1. Find the appropriate section that your thread should be posted in. Example: If you are posting a coupon we have a coupon section in the forums, if you are posting about money related topics we also have that. etc...

    2. Create an informative title. An informative title should indicate what your thread will be about.

    Good Examples: Printable Coupon 2$ off when you buy 2 Coffee, Starbucks.

    Bad example: Help! I need some help!
    A better way would be: I need help with "subject"

    3. Spellcheck your thread/post. Modern browsers all have a spellchecker.

    4. Put tags manually if you want. We have it automated but human tagging is always better than automated. We like to tag things because it's an added layer of organisation. It helps find things faster!

    5. If you're on facebook you can share your threads with your friends on there. This helps attract new members and is good for the community.

    Feel free to add any other insight in this thread!
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    I skip post if they are long paragraphs and it's hard to read. Please break them up.

    Thanks for this post and agree. I know I'm not perfect so....

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    I do agree with the "no use of paragraphs" structure.

    But could you help me with how to post a new thread? I have
    no idea where to go, unless I interupt another thread.

    Many thanks..........

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    The images above show how to post a new thread. Click into your forum section (category that best matches your post), click the "new thread" button (top left), type your post in the form, click submit new thread button (bottom of form).

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