Why do I have to keep signing in?
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    Default Why do I have to keep signing in?

    Not that it is a big deal.... but can't figure it out!

    When I log in I check remember me.... and yet each time I have to log in again...

    I recently cleaned my cookies, etc... not sure if that has something to do with it!

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    if you clean your cookies i think it will remove the cookie that does the remember me part and has you automatically signed in

    that said i can click on the user name space before i type anything in and it will bring up my user name and if i click for it to go in it puts my passowrd in too.

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    Yes - the "remember me" is a cookie, so if you cleaned out cookies, you cleaned out that one, too. Check remember me again, and you should be good until the next time you do a little housecleaning!

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