Getting logged in.
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    Unhappy Getting logged in.

    A totally new registration was the only way to get back to the site. Any suggestions on how to delete the old one?

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    Please don't delete. Anything you posted before will be gone, along with entire threads you may have started. Lots of valuable info may be lost.

    Maybe Admin can help once they're back at work on the weekdays, I don't know.

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    Go to your email and find the email they sent you. DO NOT DELETE THAT EMAIL. There you'll find your new password and a link to FV to where you insert THAT new password.
    Next click the link in the email again and go back to that same page and insert the new password where it says old password and below it you can change it to something that you can actually remember.
    Also when you log in below user name is a remember me box. click it so you don't have to do this again until you dump cache/cookies ets.

    TO THE PERSON THAT THOUGHT THIS UP. This is bull. We're adults here. We should be able to have the password we want. Obviously if we haven't been hacked yet then it's been as secure as it can be. New ones can be hacked too. We don't need the password police babysitting to keep us safe. I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way. Some won't bother to set up new accounts they'll just leave.

    With that being said I've made a new password. Please leave it alone. If I get hacked it's on me. I don't need a babysitter keeping me "safe". Thank you.
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    I followed the link and still can't log in..

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