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    Still Contrary

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    I didn't get an email telling me how to get logged back in now that everything has been reset. I've checked all my accounts and spam folders. I've tried recovering my "lost" password. Nothing is working.

    Is site support working this weekend? I haven't had an answer to my request for help. You can't reset site passwords and not have support on duty to handle the inevitable problems that arise.

    ~Contrary Housewife

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    I see TDN had the same problems. I hope someone can help people get it figured out.

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    ~I wasn't aware of what was going on until this morning when I got the email about my new password, although I did see an announcement form the admin that that was coming. But not why. But this morning there is an announcement bar on the top of the forum indicating that there was a data breach months ago, just discovered. Maybe there was a heads-up about this earlier and I missed it, don't know.

    It's important to change the password here on your account, and any other accounts online that use the same password, especially if they concern any financial accounts, since the hackers have individual user's ISPs.~

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    Nothing work to log in for me but facebook.. I hope they get it worked out..

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