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    Very neat!!!!

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    They look very nice.

    When I made them I put marbles in the boy one and plastic rings in the girl one. They were big hits with my niece and nephew. My SIL like them to because the kids wanted to take a bath to get the toy out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peaches View Post
    The soaps look great! Congratulations. Can I give you some tips though (as someone who makes CP, HP and M&P soap to sell)

    1. Spray your molds with rubbing alcohol before you pour the soap in. You can also spray the surface of the soap before you pour from whatever container you melted it in into the molds.

    2. I don't understand why you had to use steel wool to get the soap out of whatever you melted it in. It's soap. It should just wash off if you get the container wet enough. What did you melt it in?

    3. I understand the concern with fragrance oils v. essential oils, but fragrance oils which are cosmetic grade are actually less likely to cause an allergic reaction than essential oils. They have been designed specifically for use in soaps and therefore have been allergy tested. For example, I used to use lemon and lemongrass essential oils in a CP shampoo bar that I make. I now use a lemon/lemongrass fragrance oil because pregnant women can't be exposed to lemongrass essential oil, due to the possibility of skin irritation. You'll also save yourself a wad of dough by using fragrance oils. Make sure they are cosmetic grade.

    4. You can melt the tiniest amount of crayon in the soap and it will color it without coloring the kids or the bath. Just make sure they're the non-toxic, safe for kids kind of crayons.

    5. Pop the fully cooled soap in the freezer for about 20 minutes before you're ready to remove it from the molds. It should pop right out if it's really cold.

    Be warned - once you start soapmaking it will become an addiction. You won't be able to stop! I'm sure your family will love the gifts you've made for them!
    I totally agree that soap making is totally addictive especially when you start with the too easy melt & pour type! Thanks for the tips about colouring the soap using non toxic crayons and de-molding the soap with alcohol! I'll definitely keep these in mind for my next batch. I still have another 2lb block left.

    As for the steel wool, I only have one large Pyrex measuring cup and I wanted to start on my next batch/scent once I was done pouring the first...eager I know The soap had hardened in the cup very quickly and I didn't want to wait and let it sit with water. It was easier to swish the steel wool on the inside of the cup for quick and easy clean up.

    To the others - great ideas on what to stick in future bars - boucy balls, marbles, plastic rings...the possibilities are endless!

    Now to think of what to make for my siblings...all older and I only have 5 days until we celebrate our Christmas together as a family. Hmmmm....what if I were to submerge a gift card in it? Think they'd hate me?? LOL

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