MUNG BEANS Soup! They're little green pellet-looking beans. This dish is excellent for those with arthritis pain too. And great if you're constipated. This cleans up all the pipes, and that includes arteries! It is low-fat to boot!

You can buy this in bulk store or pre-packaged. I got it for .99 cents a pack and it gave me meals for a week. Here's the recipe. Freezes well, too.

Google and check out the health benefits of all the ingredients used in this dish! You get a lot for your buck.

Boil 1 cup mung beans and some salt in enough water (adding more if needed) in a large pot until they are soft. I put a few cloves of garlic in there too (optional). You can also use soup bouillion., or any bones lying around the freezer. Puree them with an immersion stick or blender.

In another pot, sauté onions and garlic. (I use a lot of onions in cooking since it prevents infection, inflammation and strengthen your immunity). Add a large can of diced tomatoes and let it simmer for a couple of minutes. I love it lots of tomatoes so sometimes I double the amount. Add this to your pureed beans, and voila....I pour this over steamed rice, or sometimes just eat it as it is. This will go a long way.
You'll probably spend less than 5 bucks for this dish.

For extra protein, put a fried egg on top. This will keep you full for most of the day, and it's really healthy and it's using super-foods. I imagine you can probably use different beans for this type of cooking. You can add meats in it too. I add spinach when I stop the heat (enough to wilt the spinach).

Later, the beans will suck up all the water - just add more when re-heating (if you want it really wet) but you can still eat it as it is.

If there is something that should be canned or bottled, this kind of power dish should be it!