Gourmet Spinach Soup
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    Default Gourmet Spinach Soup

    5 tbsp unsalted butter
    1/4 lb fresh mushrooms, washed, dried, trimmed and diced
    1 scallion, chopped
    5 tbsp all purpose flour
    2 c chicken broth
    2 c milk
    1/2 tsp salt (optional)
    balck pepper to tase, preferably freshly ground
    ground nutmeg to tast
    1/4 lb cream cheese, softened and cut into cubes
    1 c grated swiss cheese
    3/4 lb fresh spinach, washed, trimmed cooked and chopped
    Melt butter in large saucepan. In it slowly saute the mushrooms and scallion until tender. Add flour and stir just until flour is cooked, a couple of minutes. Whisk in first chicken broth and then the milk, stirring until thickened. Add salt if desired, pepper, nutmeg, cream cheese and swiss cheese, stir until melted. Then stir in spinach. Heat and stir very gently. Season to taste. Serve hot.

    4-6 servings.


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    That looks really good. I love spinach and it sounds delicious.

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    This looks yummy!!!! I may have to try it when the spinach all comes in this Spring in the garden!

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