Chicken and Stars Soup
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    Default Chicken and Stars Soup

    Chicken and Stars Soup

    2 qts. low-sodium chicken broth
    2 bone-in chicken legs, skin removed
    1 med. onion
    2 stalks celery
    2 peeled carrots
    3/4 cups water
    1 cup stars or other small pasta
    pepper to taste

    Put broth in a stockpot. Add chicken, bring to a low boil, and skim
    surface. Return to a simmer; cook until chicken starts to fall off
    bone, 30-35 minutes.

    Meanwhile, chop vegetables into 1/4" dice. When all are ready, add
    them to the pot. Return to a simmer and continue cooking as directed
    above. Remove chicken from pot; let cool briefly. Add 3 cups water to
    pot. Taste the broth. If it's too rich or salty, add another cup of

    Bring to a rolling boil, add pasta and cook according to package
    instructions. As pasta cooks, remove chicken from bone and cut into
    1/4" dice. When pasta is cooked, add chicken to soup and season with
    pepper. Yield: about 8
    (1 cup) servings.

    To freeze, completely cool 4 cups of soup and place in a freezer-safe
    container. Defrost overnight in the refrigerator.

    Chef's Note: Chicken Soup with Stars, is an easy homemade alternative
    to sodium-heavy canned soups. Using chicken legs on the bone instead
    of boneless chicken breast gives the broth a lot of flavor and body.
    Use a thermos to pack the soup and freeze the leftovers for later.

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    Thanks for little one like Campbells chicken and stars...I willl definitly make him some homemade!

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