My DH & I have been toying with a move to south Florida. I immediatley thought of all our Pals in the various areas.

Here I are our thoughts --- we have his family in Orlando & Sarasota. My family in Orlando & West Palm Beach. We don't have to be near them but knowing we are not a red-eye away is step in the right direction.

The Keys are so appealing to us but the write-ups I am finding online are scary -- they make it sound like winter camping in Alaska is easier than surviving in the Keys.

What have you experienced and heard about the Keys? I want the low down dirt. I want to know the good stuff, local websites, weather issues that I am not aware of to look into or ask about, etc.

I already moved once cross country without doing any homework because we were to only stay "3 years at the most" and here I am 18 years later looking at another cross county move that I was ready for YEARS ago.

Thanks for your input,