Virginia Groceries!
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    Default Virginia Groceries!

    Hey everyone. I was just thinking about grocery budgets and my husband and I are still trying to figure out what our budget should be - one that allows us to still enjoy what we eat and not just be stuck with noodles or rice all the time.... and the threads on milk being 1.49 a gallon at Aldi's got me wondering -

    for those of you living in the southeast - specifically Virginia, North Carolina, west Virginia - how much do you spend on groceries and for how many people?

    This is the 1st month my husband and I have looked closer at our grocery budget which seems like it'll be about $300 we've spent by the end of June for just this month. What about all of you?

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    I have been spending $100-150 a week for grocerie for three. That includes health and beauty, cleaning, dog food and other supplies, and really anything we use in our household. Because I spent half of June, all of July, and half of August on the road, my pantry was quite bare. Normally, summer is when I stock up on things and have a garden. I have rebuilt pretty well over the past two months. This week, I shouldn't need anything except maybe a gallon of milk!

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