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    Default Mountain dreamer wannabe

    I am a Country Gal through and through..I am 34 yrs old with 2 dogs.I live in a small home that has hardly no yard..I have been lucky to have a couple of flower pots .Durning the summer I love to buy as much as possible from farmer markets and local farmers which I find via the website. I am in a long term relationship which the other person will only eat store bought food will not even try and doesn't want me making anything homemade. Someday I would like to learn how to make alot of stuff homemade.I would like to be able to provide my own meat and eggs/milk but not sure I could kill the animal..As much as I love venision I don't think I could kill a deer although I love to go target shooting. So to someup what and who I am ..picture a gal in a log cabin/cottage style home surrounded by woods sitting there watching all kinds of wild life grazing on her land and watching the sun rise or set with a woodburning stove to keep me warm on those cold days and night..With a 1948 ford pickup truck parked in the driveway.. Well talk to you all soon.

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    sounds awesome to me!

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    Sounds peaceful to me.

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