I used cloth diaper for both my kids. I found that rubber pants ripped to easily so I used vinyl. I also purchased some cloth diapers with a leak-proof outer cover called Bouyes(sp?). That was 18 years ago. I only used disposable if we traveled overnight.
Cloth diapers are much easier to use than people think. I never worried about getting mine "snowy white". I dumped the sloids into the toilet. Then soaked the used diapers in a 5 gallon bucket half filled with water and a cup of borax, the lid was always snapped on the bucket. When the bucket was full or I needed diapers I dumped the water out of the bucket into the toilet then dumped the diapers into the washing machine. I ran them once through the rinse cyle, cold water, then washed them with Dreft, 1/2 cup of borax, and 1/2 cup of clorax in hot water wash and cold water rinse. I dryed them in the dryer with a fabric softner sheet. When the were done I put them in a laundry basket. Most of the time I didn't fold them, for a year or so I had 2 in diapers. There wasn't time to fold them. I used them to fast.