Inexpensive Valentine's gifts
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    Default Inexpensive Valentine's gifts

    This year my son (age 6) is very into giving his teachers and friends gifts for holidays. Can’t afford that, really. So since I’ve recently become a stay-at-home mom, been looking up craft ideas for holidays. Here’s what we came up with for this Valentine’s Day:
    Walgreen’s, last week, had individually wrapped, heart-shaped, chocolate marshmallow filled candies for only 29cents, Valentine’s gift bags 8 for $1.00. There are about 8 adults in his weekly life that we will get one candy in the bag along with the card we will make. See this site for card ideas: Valentine's Day 2011 - Valentine's Day Ideas and Activities for Kids | FamilyFun

    We are going to make this card, with our own variation—it will be one sided, left blank on back for him to write a message. Too much work to make it like the picture : Valentine Craft: Stained-Glass Hearts | Valentine's Day Card Ideas | FamilyFun

    For his friends: I’m sure everyone out there knows about buying Valentine’s Day cards for kids to trade from Dollar Tree or some other dollar store—so that’s a no-brainer probably. He picked out Spiderman themed ones this year.
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